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US-7572706-B2: Source/drain stressor and method therefor patent, US-7787712-B2: Electronic document creating apparatus patent, US-7168633-B2: Spraying device patent, US-7188642-B2: Low-friction pull tape patent, US-7748562-B2: Container device for an environmental humidity absorber with an anti-spill system patent, US-7083859-B2: Conductive powder and method for preparing the same patent, US-7358566-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-7784610-B2: Protective film application kit and method patent, US-7859403-B2: Monitoring and alarming system and method patent, US-7945209-B2: Blocking of communication channels patent, US-8181126-B2: Differential alternating phase shift mask optimization patent, US-7230613-B1: Display driver supporting a dimming mode patent, US-7357902-B2: Process for the removal of oxygen from olefin-containing process streams patent, US-7458993-B2: Composition useful for the oxidation dyeing of human keratinous fibres patent, US-8291364-B2: Automated digital circuit design tool that reduces or eliminates adverse timing constraints do to an inherent clock signal skew, and applications thereof patent, US-7007045-B2: Preserving memory resources by limiting time-date information for a subset of properties patent, US-7213516-B1: Method of processing laser sensitive lithographic printing plate patent, US-7525404-B2: Moisture exhausting membrane in electrical solenoid patent, US-7650281-B1: Method of comparing voice signals that reduces false alarms patent, US-8439062-B1: Flood preventing system, and method of use patent, US-6961285-B2: Drug delivery management system patent, US-7129065-B2: bHLH-PAS proteins, genes thereof and utilization of the same patent, US-7155860-B1: Umbrella mountable flower pot apparatus patent, US-7560028-B1: Complex admixtures of clathrate hydrates in a water desalination method patent, US-7690818-B2: Vehicle headlamp patent, US-8119261-B2: Layer system for the formation of a surface layer on a surface of a substrate and also arc vaporization source for the manufacture of a layer system patent, US-8188165-B2: Fire-retardant low-density epoxy composition patent, US-6838375-B2: Buried digit line stack and process for making same patent, US-7425375-B2: Organic EL element and organic EL display patent, US-8351586-B2: Method and application for arranging a conference call in a cellular network and a mobile terminal operating in a cellular network patent, US-8470685-B2: Integration of self-aligned trenches in-between metal lines patent, US-6851643-B2: Spirally wound tube with enhanced inner diameter stiffness, and method of making same patent, US-6866702-B2: Device for absorbing carbon dioxide, and a method for absorbing carbon dioxide patent, US-7559494-B1: Method of forming non-stoichiometric nanoscale powder comprising temperature-processing of a stoichiometric metal compound patent, US-7528395-B2: Radiation source, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method patent, US-7951996-B2: Barley row type gene and use thereof patent, US-6986980-B2: Method of producing micro structure, method of producing liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge head by the same patent, US-7259711-B2: Vehicle control apparatus patent, US-7136542-B2: Image retrieval method patent, US-7618786-B2: Method for identifying modulators of human orexin-2 receptor patent, US-8255947-B2: Broadcast area authentication patent, US-6984574-B2: Cobalt silicide fabrication using protective titanium patent, US-7330638-B2: Apparatus generating content codes for audiovisual programs patent, US-7466978-B1: Telephone network node device patent, US-8046055-B2: Lymph node detector patent, US-7087552-B2: Modification of floral scent in flowering plants patent, US-8525139-B2: Method and apparatus of halogen removal patent, US-7194316-B2: Hair comb, circuitry, and method for laser and galvanic scalp treatment patent, US-8352266-B2: System and methods for improving accuracy of speech recognition utilizing concept to keyword mapping patent, US-8495183-B2: State-based provisioning of a client having a windows-based embedded image patent, US-7578978-B2: Carrier for holding test samples patent, US-8053394-B2: Drilling fluids with redispersible polymer powders patent, US-8137435-B2: Carbon dioxide recovery from low concentration sources patent, US-7296021-B2: Method, system, and article to specify compound query, displaying visual indication includes a series of graphical bars specify weight relevance, ordered segments of unique colors where each segment length indicative of the extent of match of each object with one of search parameters patent, US-7934974-B2: Compact styling head patent, US-6696252-B2: High-affinity oligonucleotide ligands to vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) patent, US-8009308-B2: System and method for handling printing press workload patent, US-6713096-B2: Dietary supplements and methods for treating pain and inflammation patent, US-7232941-B2: Cellulose synthase promoter and method for modifying cellulose and lignin biosynthesis in plants patent, US-8321073-B2: Aircraft galley systems and methods for managing electric power for aircraft galley systems patent, US-8430075-B2: Superaustenitic stainless steel and method of making and use thereof patent, US-6837812-B2: Vibration dampening grip cover for the handle of an implement patent, US-8248238-B2: Multiple radio frequency network node RFID tag patent, US-7523159-B1: Systems, methods and devices for a telematics web services interface feature patent, US-7494116-B2: Sheet post-process system and sheet post-processing method patent, US-8251299-B1: Screw top air freshener patent, US-8008775-B2: Post passivation interconnection structures patent, US-742886-A: Charging system for secondary batteries. patent, US-8005635-B2: Self-calibrated azimuth and attitude accuracy enhancing method and system (SAAAEMS) patent, US-7303958-B2: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-7628627-B2: Backlight connector patent, US-6902942-B2: Device and method for detecting alignment of deep trench capacitors and word lines in DRAM devices patent, US-7214588-B2: Methods of forming memory cells with nonuniform floating gate structures patent, US-8288449-B2: Latent photoactivatable precatalysts for metathesis polymerization patent, US-8489093-B2: Systems and methods for facilitating efficient vertical handoffs in a wireless communication system patent, US-8392566-B1: Computer executable services patent, US-6688326-B1: Locking fire hydrant patent, US-7094634-B2: Structure and method for manufacturing planar SOI substrate with multiple orientations patent, US-7563565-B1: Method of preparing bio-identical hormones patent, US-7790924-B2: Process for preparing alkylene oxide-adducted hydrocarbyl amides patent, US-8196218-B2: System and methods for controlling properties of nanojunction devices patent, US-8308079-B2: Sanitary installation element with by-pass duct patent, US-7216305-B1: Storage/display/action object for onscreen use patent, US-7768784-B2: Heat dissipation assembly patent, US-7822996-B2: Method for implementing thermal management in a processor and/or apparatus and/or system employing the same patent, US-6789737-B2: Light source mechanism of barcode scanner patent, US-6797330-B1: Coating apparatus and processes thereof patent, US-6831282-B2: Methods and devices for evaluating beam blur in a charged-particle-beam microlithography apparatus patent, US-7101760-B1: Charge trapping nanocrystal dielectric for non-volatile memory transistor patent, US-7002626-B2: Image sensor with motion artifact supression and anti-blooming patent, US-7118607-B2: Filter stop for a vacuum cleaner patent, US-6739980-B2: Golf aiming and alignment system and method patent, US-6797627-B1: Dry-wet-dry solvent-free process after stop layer etch in dual damascene process patent, US-7133962-B2: Circulator chain memory command and address bus topology patent, US-7099443-B2: Fiber optic internet protocol network interface device and methods and systems for using the same patent, US-7539788-B2: Data processing system for keeping isolation between logical partitions patent, US-8134122-B2: Multi-modal particle detector patent, US-6692674-B1: Discrete fastener regions patent, US-7566273-B2: Game system and image generating method patent, US-6717546-B2: Method for correcting the visual range of a distance sensor that is assembled in such a way that said sensor is offset from the center line of a motor vehicle patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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